silago,a paradise unspoiled by the unnatural

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Silago is a small coastal town set at the northernmost part of the province of Southern Leyte, Philippines. The town is composed of only 15 barangays. Silago got her name from the word “murcielago” which is a Spanish term for bat, because of this specie’s dominance in the locality. Proof to this is the giant bat sanctuary at Barangay Catmon.

Pelada Rock

Pelada Rock

Traveling through the coastal barangays of the town, one can notice beautiful clean beaches and a structure designed by nature lying in the town’s deep blue sea known as Pelada Rock also locally known as “Batong Dako means huge rock”,
which was then occupied and utilized as a camp by the Japanese Imperial Army during the Second World War. The peculiar beauty of this rock is enhanced with the abundance of birds hovering and built their nest on it, sea snakes making the rock as their dwelling place, with fish and other marine products surrounding it. The rock is located just a short distance from the shore of Barangay Laguma and Barangay Salvacion. Riding on a motorboat will take only 5 minutes from those Barangays; or more or less ten minutes from the brown fine clean sand beach of Silago town proper. Farther north, is a natural rock formation with a length of more or less 50 meters from the shore and about 10 meters wide.

Added to this beauty is the upland of Silago, which displays the town’s picturesque mountains, exuding a distinctive charm and even a mystery. In these mountains is the town’s vast forest, home of the wild pigs locally known as “Baboy Ihas”. Among all the municipalities of the province, Silago is identified to have the biggest forest area.

The municipal tree park is another kind of tourist attraction in the municipality where fresh breeze and songs of the birds make the atmosphere pleasantly unique. On its northern part is a clean and clear river that allows everybody an enjoyable swimming.

Additionally, the different astounding shapes of waterfalls are not an illusion for Silago. In the upper portion of the town, at different locations, are falls that urge one to come and feel the placidity, of the environment, with a very cool and clean water. Kagut-an falls is more or less 1 kilometer away from the national highway, along Barangay Katipunan.his falls is paired with another falls near its vicinity, locally called as Kagut-an Dako Dos Falls, which possesses an exceptional attraction to all who sees it.

One of the Tres Marias Falls

One of the Tres Marias Falls

In the same barangay of Silago, is another falls called Kagut-an Gamay falls. The beauty of this falls could be greatly enhanced by a wise and sustainable human intervention.

In Barangay Mercedes of this municipality can be found other falls of different gorgeous impact. Sitio Kawayan Falls has a more or less 1-kilometer distance from Mercedes Barangay Road, with a height of about 10 meters.

Another falls is in Barangay Tubod distinctive in structure with matching cave on its opposite side. Water from this falls, along its way meets the Lanang River flow, which also has its own unique attraction. The beauty of Lanang River would catch the eye of any viewer with a warm invitation to get into it.

Aside from Lanang River, which is located at the town’s mountain barangay, is the Maag River that crosses along the national highway in Poblacion District 1. This river forms like lake that is suited for enjoyable boating recreation. At the mouth of the river is the brown fine clean sand beach of Silago, which is more or less 1 kilometer long.

Rocky Beach Resort is a newly operating beach resort, which is adorned with beautiful stones and clean brown sand, typical for picnics. This resort does not have room accommodations yet, but there are places to stay comfortably in the heart of the town, about more or less 5 minutes away.

The Municipality of Silago is blessed with the riches of nature, which is not common to other places. It has not only the natural beauty sights, but it is also rich in marine products for delicious and nutritious meals. In Months of November to February Silago beaches is ideal for those who love SURFING with huge sea wave, it can be comparable to that waves in Siargao which is Silago topograpically located in from of the Pacific Ocean.

Views of Pelada Rock

Pelada Rock

Pelada Rock is seen in its sideview like a human head


Top View


Silago Beaches


This is located in Brgy. Sap-ang



Located in Poblacion, Silago